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We have developed a Web3-based service that everyone can enjoy.

What We Do

PlayDapp wants to turn Web2 users into Web3 users through the PlayDapp service platform. To do so, PlayDapp provides PG solutions to playing games without Crypto Currency. PlayDapp will provide various Web3 networks and game DApps to allow more users to play games on the PlayDapp service platform and become crypto game users.

PlayDapp’s Vision & Mission

Incorporate Web3 into your service : Connect & implement, transform your traditional apps to DApps

Everyone in the world will be able to freely perform Web3 transaction in the Web3-based PlayDapp C2C Marketplace and Tournament. PlayDapp’s mission is to help everyone enjoy the value of digital assets, with both game-related Web3 and non game-related Web3.

Get up and running with your Web3 Data

PlayDapp SDK helps developers or companies who have difficulty in building Web3 infrastructure to connect their assets or desired digital items with a simple integration system.

PlayDapp SDK
  • Data3.0 Conversion
  • Interoperable Data between Services
  • Data3.0 Management & Operational Tools
  • Web3 C2C Marketplace Integration
  • Web3 Indicators & Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Ecosystem Participation Reward

Interoperable Web3 data

Interoperability is at the heart of PlayDapp's identity

Empowered by the PlayDapp ecosystem, developers are able to transform apps to DApps and Data3 conversion to gain interoperability between different games, metaverses, and even the offline spheres.


PDA Information

PDA, the native token of PlayDapp, is a core utility token utilizing the ERC20 standard. PDA acts as the primary fungible token for the processing of transactions from users. Game DApp operators or developers receive PDA upon each in-game purchase or trade, after a reasonably small transaction fee being deducted by PlayDapp

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Token Allocation

Investors & Partners

455,000,000 PDA

PlayDapp Eco-System

100,000,000 PDA


95,000,000 PDA


25,000,000 PDA


25,000,000 PDA

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